Janne Vängmantrail

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The trail is mainly dry and easy walk with great opportunities for swimming and rest.

Along the paths, the trail is excellent with yellow dots on the trees, in some cases also signs / arrows.
The route extends from Västanå and is divided into three day trips. The entire trail is about 5 miles long.
Day trip 1: Västanåfallet - Rotsjögård (17km).
Day trip 2: Rock farm - Ultrå Stay on farm (13km) alternatively Grofhäll Stay on farm (18km).
Dasgetapp 3: Ultrå Stay on farm or Gorfhäll Stay on farm - Härnösand (20 alternatively 15 km).

If you want to start others from Härnösand, the trail starts at the northern side of Gådeån to the southern strait.

For complete section descriptions buy the book "Vandra - Guide to the Roten- and Janne Vängmansleden, Ådalsleden 1 and 2 in Västernorrland" at Härnösands turistbyrå.
More information is also available at: http://iof2.idrottonline.se/ImageVaultFiles/id_50618/cf_78/Vandrarguiden_2014_-GERMANLAND.PDF

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