Bjärtrå church.

Address: Bjärtrå kyrka, 87296 Bjärtrå Show map

Address: Bjärtrå kyrka, 87296 Bjärtrå

Building of Bjärtrå church was started around the year 1840 and was opened seven years later (5 september 1847) by the contractor dean Jonas Nordberg, from Nordingrå.

There was already a medieval church in Bjärtrå but it became too smal for the assembly. The stones from the old church was used as building material for the new one. The clocks were also moved from the old church to the new one. The big clock is dated back to year 1506 and probably the oldest in the diocese. It has a Latin inscription, which reads: " The year 1506 this work was completed in the honour of Holy Virgin Mary", when translated.

Pulpit was made of the curch carpenter Nils Gerdin in the year 1842. The gilding and painting work of the church was done during the spring of 1846 by Olof Hofrén från Söderhamn. He has even painted the the altarpiece in 1846-1848. Bjärtrå church has been renovated a few times over the years. The big restorations took place in 1907, 1926, 1944-45 and 1990-91.

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Please contact Ådalsbygden pastor's office if you would like to visit the church. TEL: 0612-70 80 30.

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