Skule Walkabout

Address: Dal 301, 87033 Docksta Show map

Address: Dal 301, 87033 Docksta

An adventure in a genuine primeval forrest area in the world heritage of the High Coast.

Skule Walkabout is a popular activity for companies, friends, clubs and smaller groups, where the participants through teamwork get to know both themselves and others, while they have time to reflect on everyday work and re-energize. A day where you, by following directions divided into stages, find your way over the Mossaberget mountain by Älvdalsstupet in Lekatt-to and on to Gylten where aweinspiring formations shaped by the ice sheet and ancient ocean shape the landscape. Amazing views of the High Coast!

Through pictures, nature tracks and compass directions you will find your way through the wilderness. Additionally to finding your way through the wilderness, you must also figure out and answer several nature track questions that are hidden along the way.

A hike through trackless terrain that takes 4-6 hours.

To bring: A small backpack, clothes and shoes appropriate for hiking and adapted for weather conditions, a waterbottle and some snacks.

Back at the Skuleskogens lodging house there will be time for rest and reflection. Other activities can be arranged after your wants and needs.

Price: 295 SEK/person incled is small picnic. Included free of charge: Map, compass, first aid kit. Larger groups than 6 persons has to pre book. Additional cost for lunch or dinner, accommodation or other activities.

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