Pirjos Restaurang

Address: Träsk 501, 87297 Skog Show map

Address: Träsk 501, 87297 Skog

Fully licensed restaurant and café.

Serves breakfast and home-cooked food, everything from beef tenderloin and salmon to waffles and pancakes. Shrimp and salmon sandwiches, pies, homemade cakes, ice cream etc. Pirjo customize arrangements upon request, such as private parties, conferences, and meetings with ingestion. Groups can pre-book your coffee break, lunch or dinner.

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  • Ferry
    Ullånger 9 km
    Docksta 17 km
  • Attraction
    Mannaminne 12 km
  • City
    Kramfors 16 km
    Härnösand 36 km
  • Train station
    Kramfors station 16 km
    Västeraspby station 21 km
  • Arena or meeting point
    Hornöberget/ Höga Kusten Bridge 18 km
    Naturum Höga Kusten 19 km
  • Airport
    Höga Kusten Airport 20 km
  • Shopping
    Naturkompaniet, Outlet 46 km