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Address: Icktjärn Kramfors

Approximately four kilometers west of the center of Kramfors is Icktjärnsberget nature reserve located with a large area of old spruce and pine forests that have escaped modern forestry.

The nature reserve which is municipally amounts to 287 hectares and was established in 2003. The area is very hilly with three mountains at about 300 meters above sea level and the valleys in between the creeks, marshes and swamp forests. The reserve has high conservation values. Two lakes are within the reserve of which one, Icktjärnen, is frequently used for excursions and sport fishing. The rest area at Icktjärn, with toilet and fishing pier is handicap accessible.

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  • Train station
    Kramfors station 2 km
    Västeraspby station 15 km
  • City
    Kramfors 3 km
    Härnösand 34 km
  • Airport
    Höga Kusten Airport 14 km
  • Arena or meeting point
    Hornöberget/ Höga Kusten Bridge 17 km
    Naturum Höga Kusten 36 km
  • Ferry
    Ullånger 26 km
    Docksta 33 km
  • Attraction
    Mannaminne 29 km
  • Shopping
    Naturkompaniet, Outlet 61 km